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About us

Drone Still : Arabana Country -  Kati Thanda  (Lake Eyre), outback South Australia (copyright)

Drone still : Arabana Country, outback South Australia (copyright)

64 global, international, national & state awards. Now flying a DJI Inspire 2 drone with X5S camera
Experienced multi-award-winning cinematographers with 44 years experience (Australian Cinematographers Society member) and 3 years flying drones commercially (CASA Certified Drone Operator and Licenced Drone Pilot). Based in South Australia, we travel to all states in Australia.

Drones give us an amazing perspective and have revolutionised the way we see the world. Our films have screened at International Film Festivals all over the world, have won international and national awards, and have screened on Australian TV.

Feedback : "that was amazing to watch" - "Fantastic, so clear" - "Brilliant" - "Great work as normal mav" - "Amazing Mav, well done" - "Great work Mav, very impressive piece of work" - "Looks great from the air Mav" - "you have done a great job as always".

CASA Certified Drone Operator and Licenced Pilot (ReOC 0459 / valid till March 2020).
We are covered by Public Liability Insurance for Drone work.
Competitive rates. Rates negotiable.

Contact : Mav. 
Mobile : 0417 838 785
email: mav@dronecinematographers.com.au
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dronecinematographers
website : www.dronecinematographers.com.au

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